500 hour hatha yoga teacher training intensive programBy Sangeetha Saran

Yoga is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of humankind. It is an art form that utilizes the body and the life force energy. It directs this energy all around, helping people live healthier and happier lives. As a form of meditation, Yoga is able to allow a person to reach a state called samadhi. Samadhi is best described as a higher meditative state of mind where one person connects with the universal One-ness of the Universe. 

While Yoga has taken on the appearance of an exercise class, it is able to help people of all cultures understand themselves and the connection they have with everything else in life. People and all living things are connected by our need for air to exist in this life. This one ingredient connects all people, plants, and animals of the world. This is the connection of life and our need for air, which is said to be life force (prana).

Pranayama is the yogic art of breathing and the deliberate cultivation of prana. It is the act of extending one’s life force. With this technique, a person is able to expand their energy. Through the use of breath, one can connect with their self much more easily. This breath allows people to connect with the universe in much the same way. When combined with the practice of yoga training, pranayma can have amazing results for the mind, body, and soul.

Breathing is a key component to living. Without breath, we would be dead. Breath allows the body to rid itself of toxins. Breath also allows the body to internalize positive energy. In a more practical sense, breathing expels excess carbon dioxide from the body, and brings in oxygen to help the body’s cells function. Breathing also allows the lymphatic system to work better. This lets toxins within the bloodstream be weeded out, letting the blood flow more smoothly. This process helps in making blood pressure normal.

Yoga is for the most part known as a physical form of exercise for increasing balance, agility, flexibility, and power. When practiced with the combination of powerful breathing techniques we know as pranayama, yoga training helps overall living.

The Subtle Body

While science can only examine visible objects, it cannot measure life force, the yogic subtle body, chakras, nadis or marmas. Yogic science knew of a universal sound before a radio telescope was invented. Yogic science knew that all things hold some level of life force within them before science discovered the atom and atomic energy. Science cannot measure the subtle body, chakras or pressure points, but yoga, reiki and acupuncture are able to heal people based upon the workings of the subtle body.

Yoga allows the balancing and stimulation of the chakras of the body. These chakras are generally associated to different parts of a person. From their root chakra, to their intelligent crown chakra, Yoga is a means with which to allow energy to flow through the body and activate these chakras. 

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