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Getting a Yoga instructor certification can be an enlightening and uplifting experience. It will allow you to bring the power of Yogic methodology to others so that they may improve their health and reduce stress levels. There are different levels of certification and once the most basic one is achieved, there are also training courses offered in specific types of Yoga. Of course, it is also a good idea to have some basic knowledge and experience with Yogic practices before deciding on a teacher training course. You should be comfortable within your own practice before you begin teaching others.

As Yogic methods continue to diversify and grow, it attracts more and more students. The most basic 200-hour Yoga instructor training course will educate you about the foundational aspects, but in order to fully take your practice to the next level, an advanced certification will most certainly be beneficial. The more fields you are trained in, the more you can grow your practice. There are training courses in Chair Yoga, which is great for seniors and people with limited mobility. It is also a course that may be conducive to teach in an office environment, as many more companies are incorporating Yogic exercise programs into the daily schedule for their employees.

Kids Yoga is another great field. Although sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball are great for kids, Yogic exercise can be as well. Teaching kids Yogic methods at a young age can help to decrease stress and increase focus. It can also be used as a way enhance and improve the sports they already play. Prenatal and postnatal is another specialized but popular field to get into. Women who are currently pregnant or have just had a baby often practice Yoga as a way to stay energized yet relaxed during their pregnancy, during delivery and even after the baby is born. They can also be very fulfilling classes to teach.

The right Yoga teacher certification for you is the one that will allow you to enhance your practice in a way that is conducive for you to teach others. It will allow you to expand your practice and create more challenges for yourself. Do you want to start your own studio? Do you want to teach at a gym or an already established studio? Are you familiar with marketing and business and ways to attract clients? The right course will do more than just teach you specific styles, it will also give you the tools you need to build a successful business.

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