yoga instructor certificationBy Kimaya Singh

What is the greatest gift a yoga teacher can present to her students? As you learned when you decided to become a yoga instructor: Each student is different, but all of them need to learn when, how, and why to relax. Some students don’t want to relax initially. They might be so wired up that it feels unnatural to chill out. Relaxation or meditation is an integral part of all yoga practices. Usually, deep relaxation is done at the beginning or end of the session. This allows us to journey to a place of focus, or reflect upon what we’ve accomplished and get back to ourselves and to our center of being. However, many find benefit in practicing stage-by-stage, body scanning, deep pranayama relaxation, or nidra on its own.

There are many positions you can take to execute yoga nidra. The most common position is Savasana (copse pose), which is simply lying on your back with your arms at your side, palms up. Others desire the use of a pillow under the head, rolled blankets for comfort, or even a sitting position. The bottom line is you want to be relaxed and comfortable in whatever position suits you best. At that point, you will take turns tightening and relaxing different parts of your body while deep breathing. Tighten in the inhale, and relax on the exhale. All focus should be on the particular body part whilst working it.

You may choose to work from the head down, which includes gently stretching the face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Continue with opening the chest, flexing the abdomen, and moving down through the hips, legs, and toes all the while continuing your breathing. You may implement any other elements you wish including candlelight and soft music; whatever it takes to create a sense of peacefulness. Once in a completely calm state, you can send your mind messages. It can be whatever you like to strengthen your mental state of being in order to improve upon your psyche. For example, you could say “I am a strong person, who can accomplish whatever I like.” It is amazing what our minds and bodies are capable of achieving.

The benefits of yoga training are unlimited. Too often as busy individuals, we forget to take time out for ourselves. This takes us to a state of calm, relaxed focus on our own state of being. It can help with depression, stress, insomnia, headaches and addiction among other ailments. It is so important to cleanse or minds and bodies of the negative energies that we may have brought on ourselves, or received from an outside source. Many people will allow them to fester within, and grow. A few worthwhile minutes can erase them and keep us in a state of well-being.

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