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Their specialized yoga teacher training intensive produces instructors who strictly follow their exact policies. The series of asanas have been copyrighted by Bikram Choudhury, so deviance from the series is strictly forbidden, and there is also a reputation for instructors to be rather draconian.

Yoga Teacher Training Schools – Why It’s Better To Get Trained At Home

Written By Karina Sinclair Becoming a yoga teacher is a very rewarding career. Not only will you help people become more supple and fit but it is also a spiritual exercise that brings a lot of peace to millions of students worldwide. In days gone by schools were the only option. This often meant having [...]

Yoga Instructor Training: Mastering your Communication Skills

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 When you consider all of the aspects to learn during a Yoga teacher training course - the case could easily be made that becoming a masterful orator is secondary. After all, there are so many subjects to cover, when considering postures (asanas), yogic breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, stage-by-stage relaxation, chakras, [...]

Yoga Instructor Training: The Importance of Clear Communication

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Just like any other subject, which requires communication skills, you have to finely tune your speaking skills, if you want to become a Yoga teacher. Students will continue to come back to your classes, because of interaction, social atmosphere, and intellectual stimulation. The art and science of public speaking is [...]

The Different Aspects of Yoga Instructor Training

Written By Paul Jerard Training to become a yoga instructor consists of many different aspects, such as learning about proper diet, asanas, relaxation and meditation, enlightenment, pranayama and others. Each is equally important in order to become a well-qualified yoga instructor. A good training program will not omit these aspects from their curriculum. Asanas Aspect [...]

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