Yoga Ethics

Yoga Studio Harassment Prevention

By Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 500 Like any other workplace, it is important for yoga teachers to stay up-to-date on harassment prevention, whether it is physical, sexual, verbal, or another form of harassment. With recent headlines seeming to indicate that harassment in the studio is on the rise, it's especially imperative that instructors take steps to [...]

How and When to Correct My Yoga Students

By Ishrattasleem Tasleem Nowadays, people are living a busy and hectic lifestyle; fatigue is a common complaint of modern life. The sense of a fragmented and displaced lifestyle is found among people of all age groups and genders. To get rid of all the worries, stale energy, and effects of stress, yoga has proven to [...]

Running an Ethical Yoga Business

Ethics in yoga and teaching yoga are universal. Every yoga teacher knows the fundamentals of an ethical practice. Common sense doesn't require books to be written about how to behave and teachers should have a handle on common sense. Most yoga certification programs provide an ethics agreement for teachers.

Yoga Ethics for Instructors

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 No overruling organization for yoga instructors determines official professional behavior standards or even certification. Yoga professionals still debate over where certain lines should be drawn. Yet, certain ethics are inherent in the yogic path, and yoga instructors do well to adhere to them. The most important thing to remember, as [...]

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Yoga Teacher Training Aspects: Ethical Guidelines

The typical 200-hour Yoga instructor certification course contains ten hours of ethics discussions, but how many adults really need to hear it? Apparently, anyone who is in a position of authority must be reminded of guidelines for proper conduct. In any academic atmosphere, the student / teacher relationship must be reinforced with courtesy, respect, and [...]

Teaching Yoga Is A Great Responsibility

By Javier Fuller The ordinary teaching is to sharpen your intellectual abilities. In yoga, your efforts are to break the mind-barrier, transcend and seek entry to the zone of silence. So, very high skills are required to equip oneself, to become a yoga teacher. You will find many types of yoga teacher training courses. But [...]

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