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Secrets of Successful Yoga Teachers

Advertising is bad? How will people know I teach, if I keep it a secret? I've heard it all and the best one was a yoga diva who preached to us about why creating a celebrity presence was wrong. I paid $500 to hear that lecture! No, somebody else paid for me to go. By the way, she has a few dozen DVDs on the market, books, and a huge studio with money rolling onto the sidewalk. So, what do you do if you don't have the celebrity status of a diva? Most yoga instructors just want enough to get by, but I ask you to think a little bigger and stop listening to pessimists.

10 Ways You Can Market Your Yoga Teaching Services

Take advantage of social media, friends, and family. Post any classes you will be teaching on your Facebook page and always put the word out to everyone you know. Facebook is where it's at right now for small business. Stake your claim and let everyone in your area know that you are available to teach. You can dial Facebook in to target the local yoga market.

The Drama of a Yoga School as a Business

What can yoga instructors do? Get certified, get covered by a liability insurance company, and establish a track record of safe procedures in your classes. Registration is an option, but it's not often required for liability insurance. To be honest, some teachers (who are not certified or registered) have sports liability insurance coverage. However, certification does show that you are formally educated in safely teaching yoga classes. So, that does build your credibility as a teacher who cares about student safety.

Running an Ethical Yoga Business

Ethics in yoga and teaching yoga are universal. Every yoga teacher knows the fundamentals of an ethical practice. Common sense doesn't require books to be written about how to behave and teachers should have a handle on common sense. Most yoga certification programs provide an ethics agreement for teachers.

Is A Thriving Yoga Business A Fantasy?

One of the first things to consider is what type of Yoga class will be taught. This may seem like a simple, maybe even insignificant thing, but in fact, it is a huge first step into balancing objectives, creating financial forecasts, and marketing plans. Some types of yoga instruction will create the need for larger spaces, translating into a larger studio, and a more expensive monthly budget. This will also mean more students are needed to cover expenses.

Yoga Teacher: Student Handout

After receiving your certification, you might be busy. Many interns have teaching positions before they complete their yoga teacher training courses. This means, we should be prepared to field questions when they arise. Do you have a prepared "elevator speech" for people who express an interest in your classes? If you don't have anything prepared, today is your lucky day, because below this paragraph is a prepared handout for prospective students. This is a gift for you.

Yogic Homework – Part II

This group of Yoga asanas improves the energy flow within the body and breaks the neuromuscular knots - especially in the pelvic region, where energy tends to stagnate. These asanas are very useful for those with reduced vitality and a stiff back. These are especially useful for menstrual problems and toning the pelvic organs and muscles.

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