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What are the marketing secrets of successful yoga teachers? Some teachers will tell you to wait for the flow of the universe to help you with your teaching career. Some people will gladly tell you, “It’s unethical to put yourself out there.” Advertising is bad? How will people know I teach, if I keep it a secret?  

I’ve heard it all and the best one was a yoga diva who preached to us about why creating a celebrity presence was wrong. I paid $500 to hear that lecture! I wish I could blame somebody else listening to that nonsense. By the way, she has a few dozen DVDs on the market, books, and a huge studio with money rolling onto the sidewalks.  So, what do you do if you don’t have the celebrity status of a diva? Most yoga instructors just want enough to get by, but I ask you to think a little bigger and stop listening to pessimists.

How to Break the Ice

Effective marketing techniques are a key component in any successful business. The yoga space is getting competitive, so the secret to success is learning how to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

The good news is you do not have to spend a ton of money to promote yourself. By taking advantage of three simple marketing methods, you will be well on your way to a successful career as a yoga teacher.

Social Media Marketing

Luckily, technology has created a world where marketing is more cost-effective than ever. Social media marketing is an essential tool you will want to master. You may want to check out the dashboard program, HootSuite as an efficient means of managing all your social media platforms.

Facebook: Set up a Facebook page and post at least once daily. It is as simple as listing where your classes are that day. Inspirational quotes and vivid photographs make great eye-catching posts.

Twitter: This platform is quick and easy to use. You can set up Google alerts to send you relevant information and then post those links on your Twitter page.

Pinterest: Plenty of beautiful photographs of people doing yoga are available with a quick web search. Use available resources to create attention-grabbing boards. Pinterest is the fasting growing platform for women.

YouTube: People love learning from Youtube videos. It is very simple to create a few yoga how-to videos.

Local Networking

In addition, local networking is always a good idea, as it will connect you to your community.

Chamber of Commerce: Be a member of the chamber of commerce and attend their monthly events.

Volunteer: Join the rotary club or any other local organization that interests you.

Festivals: Offer a workshop at local fairs and festivals.

Schools: Volunteer to teach a free fun child yoga class at local pre-schools.

Traditional Marketing

Do not forget to include some traditional marketing to ensure that you reach a broader audience.

Website: A website will give potential students a space to learn about what makes you unique.

Print Ads: Running a weekly ad in a local holistic or community newspaper could be beneficial, especially if you have a studio or do private lessons.

Flyers: Posting flyers at organic grocery stores or wellness centers will appeal to like-minded individuals.

Successful yoga teachers are not afraid to speak up and let others know what they have to offer. Show your community what makes you special or be quite, sit in a corner, and give up.

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