yoga teacher trainingBy Gopi Rao

Yoga for women, in all of its forms, is an incredible tool to support in aging gracefully. The practice of Hatha Yoga is well-known in its ability to create and sustain good health. The practice of other Yogic techniques such as chanting and meditation also supports a practitioner in creating and maintaining good mental health.

Another key component of aging gracefully is the ability to stay socially engaged and active. Practicing at a studio or community center gives women the opportunity to nourish friendships amongst the community of like-minded students. As a woman ages, Yoga in all of its forms is a wonderful way for a woman to support her aging process with beauty and dignity.

The physical practice of Hatha helps to keep a woman limber, strong, and toned throughout her lifetime. Yogic exercise also strengthens a woman’s ability to balance, which can be critically important when she is entering her sixties and beyond. If a woman’s yoga training routine includes some weight-bearing postures such as Warrior III and Chandranamaskar sequence, a woman will also strengthen her bones.

Practicing Yogic techniques is also a great tool for lowering stress, anxiety, and blood pressure levels as a woman ages. A balanced physical practice that incorporates some strenuous sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, and core abdominal work is very useful. These physical techniques will help a woman to maintain muscular strength, good circulation throughout her body, keep her joints mobile, and increase her sense of balance and coordination.

The emotional benefit of a regular Yoga practice will also serve a woman well as she ages. If a woman is able to maintain an active lifestyle through a steady practice, it will help her to counter the isolation and depression that affects so many people in the later decades of their lives.

Recently, there have been many studies done that document some of the keys to aging well and living a long, happy, and productive life. One of the key components to living well into your nineties and beyond is staying active.

Researchers found that as long as people were engaged in a hobby, volunteer or paid work, community service and so on, they lived longer and happier lives.

To simply be able to get out of the house and attend a typical Yoga, or Chair Yoga classes, breaks the backbone of isolation in our later years. In addition to warding off isolation and depression, the practice of Hatha Yoga offers a woman all of the physical benefits mentioned above. Truly, a regular practice of asanas in a community context can be a woman’s best friend throughout all the stages of her life.

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