Modified Asanas After a C-Section

This art will begin the first time you get up out of bed after surgery. Many mothers describe how difficult and surprising this task was for them the first time, and offer a few nuggets of wisdom for new mothers. Make sure someone is there to help you up, and know you have the option to press a pillow against your stitches to lessen the weird feeling that your tummy will fall out. A lot of mothers experience this odd sensation at first, and the pillow makes that movement and transition feel more comfortable.

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Guidelines for Pregnant Yoga students

There are many contraindications for practicing Yoga during pregnancy, and all Yoga teachers and students should be aware of them. Pregnant students should have formal doctor’s permission for “Prenatal Yoga”. If you are teaching pregnant students without their doctor’s approval and you are not a certified prenatal Yoga instructor, you are “playing with fire.” It [...]

Family Yoga for Bonding Time

Family yoga refers to a range of classes designed for people of all ages. Prenatal, postnatal with baby, parent and child, adult, teen, preschool and family yoga are examples of classes held at a family center. This type of studio, family yoga centers are about creating a close knit, cozy community for families of all backgrounds.

Marketing Tips for Corporate Yoga Teachers

The benefits of group yoga sessions could appeal to many corporate executives. For example, a yoga teacher could mention the amount of motivation that it might require for the typical employee to utilize a company’s stationary fitness equipment. While some employees may exhibit a solo commitment toward a fitness routine, other employees may be too exhausted or too stressed to maintain a regular workout schedule.

Yoga for Women in Menopause

Menopause is marked by a number of unsavory symptoms that can crop up without warning. A change in the body's hormone production can cause weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mild memory loss and insomnia. Yoga seeks to gently coax the body into flexible positions that will get the blood flowing and allow all of the body's systems to blend merrily together. Attending yoga class at least twice each week will provide very real benefits, especially for women who have been suffering from sleeping problems. Yoga may even allow women to avoid hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), which is associated with increased instances of breast cancer, stroke, and coronary problems. When it comes to health, natural stress-reduction techniques are always the way to go.

What You Should Know About Teaching Corporate Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Yogic methods have a variety of health benefits for men and women. Corporate yoga has become increasingly popular and a number of managers will actually put together training programs for businesses and organizations. Teaching corporate yoga to employees can offer a variety of long-term benefits to employee as well as employer.

About Yoga for Learning Disabilities

Recently, several influential professional journals published articles validating Yoga’s effects on behavioral and learning processes. This is good news for teachers and parents who often observe subtle difficulties but aren’t sure what to do about them. In this case, Yoga may help bridge the gap.

Yoga Styles for Seniors

The Aura Yoga instructor certification courses teach an instructor how to be aware of every student in the class. At Aura Wellness Center, Yoga instructors are trained to make the method match the needs and abilities of the student. In this way, a student gets the most out of a class and soon realizes that the safety of the student is a priority.

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