Yoga for Mothers

Modified Asanas After a C-Section

This art will begin the first time you get up out of bed after surgery. Many mothers describe how difficult and surprising this task was for them the first time, and offer a few nuggets of wisdom for new mothers. Make sure someone is there to help you up, and know you have the option to press a pillow against your stitches to lessen the weird feeling that your tummy will fall out. A lot of mothers experience this odd sensation at first, and the pillow makes that movement and transition feel more comfortable.

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Prenatal Yoga and The Value of Meditation

The emphasis in prenatal Yoga teacher training courses predominantly focuses on asana and pranayama as therapy through all three trimesters and during the post natal time frame. This is wonderful, but the value of meditation is down played. Regular meditation practice is especially good for moms-to-be.

Yoga for Women’s Health

Within the western hemisphere 90% of Yoga practitioners are women. Although there are some exceptions, many teachers rarely see more than a handful of American males in Yoga classes. In many styles the origin of Yoga teacher training courses was designed by males.

Prenatal Yoga Advice for Beginners

It is very good that you become aware of yoga’s importance which creates great impact on health of your own and your unborn baby. Below are three therapeutic yoga methods, which will be part of your prenatal routine.

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