Prenatal Yoga Teacher trainingBy Gopi Rao

The emphasis in prenatal Yoga teacher training courses predominantly focuses on asana and pranayama as therapy through all three trimesters and during the post natal time frame. This is wonderful, but the value of meditation is down played. Regular meditation practice is especially good for moms-to-be.

The reason Yoga meditation is so important is because the mother’s physical health, and state of mind, has a profound effect on the baby in her womb. When I got pregnant and told my mother, she sent me a beautiful postcard with the advice to look every day at something beautiful, listen to something nice, stay together with kind hearted people, eat healthy food with great pleasure, and so on. The reasoning is that all of these factors will also affect the baby.

It is definitely true that enjoyment and well being of the mother has a direct connection to the baby through the hormonal system. In addition we should be considering the mental, emotional and spiritual imprint that is set in motion for an unborn child. I would insist that this aspect of pregnancy not be underestimated.

Furthermore, meditation puts mothers in tune with their babies and deepens their mutual connection. That bring to mind one more reason for having “baby meditation” become a natural part of the Prenatal Yoga teacher training program. Expectant mothers should start this practice right from the beginning.

Yoga meditation is a way to experience pregnancy with complete awareness. Pregnancy is a precious time, which opens pathways for more awareness and reflection. Considering that pregnancy is a special time of great physical and emotional change, there will be some mood swings.

Sooner, or later, a pregnant woman feels a little depressed, anxious, or tired. With this in mind, regular meditation can treat these feelings and help to manage stress. There are many different ways to meditate, for example to focus or concentrate on a specific object, a picture, or a candle. Mantras (repeating sacred words or sounds) can bring inner calm.

Breath awareness is an easy technique to learn. Observing the movements of breath, counting them, just going along for the ride can make focusing easier. Of course, pranayama is beneficial during labor. Yogic meditation techniques give women internal calm mental stability through labor. Therefore, it is good to start practicing meditation early in pregnancy and continue to practice daily.

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