Yoga for Women

Guidelines for Pregnant Yoga students

There are many contraindications for practicing Yoga during pregnancy, and all Yoga teachers and students should be aware of them. Pregnant students should have formal doctor’s permission for “Prenatal Yoga”. If you are teaching pregnant students without their doctor’s approval and you are not a certified prenatal Yoga instructor, you are “playing with fire.” It [...]

Yoga for Women in Menopause

Menopause is marked by a number of unsavory symptoms that can crop up without warning. A change in the body's hormone production can cause weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mild memory loss and insomnia. Yoga seeks to gently coax the body into flexible positions that will get the blood flowing and allow all of the body's systems to blend merrily together. Attending yoga class at least twice each week will provide very real benefits, especially for women who have been suffering from sleeping problems. Yoga may even allow women to avoid hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), which is associated with increased instances of breast cancer, stroke, and coronary problems. When it comes to health, natural stress-reduction techniques are always the way to go.

Yoga Improves Life During Perimenopause

Many people associate Yoga training with basic postures (asanas), but this ancient art of healing actually encompasses an entire system of healthy living. Meditation and breathing exercises are actually two of the limbs, or steps, of Patanjali’s Yoga.

Prenatal Yoga and The Value of Meditation

The emphasis in prenatal Yoga teacher training courses predominantly focuses on asana and pranayama as therapy through all three trimesters and during the post natal time frame. This is wonderful, but the value of meditation is down played. Regular meditation practice is especially good for moms-to-be.

Yoga for Women’s Health

Within the western hemisphere 90% of Yoga practitioners are women. Although there are some exceptions, many teachers rarely see more than a handful of American males in Yoga classes. In many styles the origin of Yoga teacher training courses was designed by males.

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