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When women have begun to go through menopause and are feeling physically unwell, yoga offers a way to relieve the worst symptoms. In fact, when yoga positions are performed correctly, the entire body will experience an invigorating turnaround. Most yoga positions are designed to bring the mind and body together in harmony. With a superb yoga instructor, students will feel refreshed and ready to grab life by the horns once again. 

The Trials and Tribulations of Menopause 

Menopause is marked by a number of unsavory symptoms that can crop up without warning. A change in the body’s hormone production can cause weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mild memory loss and insomnia. Yoga seeks to gently coax the body into flexible positions that will get the blood flowing and allow all of the body’s systems to blend merrily together. Attending yoga class at least twice each week will provide very real benefits, especially for women who have been suffering from sleeping problems. Yoga may even allow women to avoid hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), which is associated with increased instances of breast cancer, stroke, and coronary problems. When it comes to health, natural stress-reduction techniques are always the way to go. 

Best Yoga Poses for Relief 

While yoga features an endless variety of poses, menopausal women will undoubtedly want to select several that will meet their specific needs. The standing forward bend, for example, stretches out the hips and the hamstrings and creates an energy balance within the body. This pose is helpful for women who are suffering from both menopause and osteoporosis. 

The downward-facing dog pose stretches out the upper back and legs and induces feelings of peace and harmony. The pose can also help relieve menstrual pain and cramps in the core of the body. Muscles that have been gently but firmly stretched out a few times each week will also boost the body’s metabolism and help stave off weight gain. 

The plow pose is a challenging position that requires women to slowly place their legs behind their heads. The position can lessen the pain that is commonly associated with bad backs. Irritability and restlessness can also be calmly and efficiently eliminated. 

Committing to a Routine 

Women dealing with menopause will see the best results when they commit to a routine. By enrolling in a yoga class at a local studio, they’ll be more likely to stick to the regimen. With encouragement from other students, the worst symptoms of menopause will be sent to their best conclusion.

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