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Since there are very few instructor programs that teach you how to make a living from your yoga teaching skills; it is likely that your teacher training course did not touch on the marketing aspect of becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Moreover, the field of yoga is becoming more competitive, and you may find yourself in a sea of others who are also struggling to find their niche market.

How Can I Market My Yoga Teaching Services?

Try some of these inexpensive marketing ideas to jump start your yoga teaching services.

1. It is important to have at least a simple website with a photograph, contact information, and experience. Update it regularly with any information about where you will be teaching.

2. Make business cards. You can easily print a quick response code on these that will scan directly to your website. Hand these out everywhere you go.

3. Contact the local yoga studios, and advise them of your availability to fill in as a substitute or to pick up a weekly class. However, don’t depend on substitute teaching positions to be an end all solution to market yourself.

4. Visit your local community center and volunteer to teach a free class for a limited time. Ask them if you can post a flyer or business card on their bulletin board.

5. Call the local Chamber of Commerce for a list of local festivals. You could offer a freebie at an event such as a chair yoga class or a simple relaxation sequence. Hand out business cards and flyers.

6. Create a marketing event. For example, you could visit spas or salons and offer to do a short yoga demonstration or talk about the benefits of yoga. Set up meetings for a private or semi-private yoga classes.

7. Visit institutions such as schools and hospitals or other corporations. Some businesses are offering lunch hour services to their employees and you may be able to book some half-hour classes. If you’ve read my articles before, you already know that corporate yoga is really a huge opportunity for yoga teachers.

8. When the weather is nice, you could talk to local hotels about offering an outside yoga class to guests on their grounds or put together an inexpensive weekend retreat marketed to locals.

9. Most retirement neighborhoods have clubhouses. Talk to the board about putting together a weekly class at a discounted price. Hand out flyers to students with private class offers.

10. Take advantage of social media, friends, and family. Post any classes you will be teaching on your Facebook page and always put the word out to everyone you know. Facebook is where it’s at right now for small business. Stake your claim and let everyone in your area know that you are available to teach. You can dial Facebook in to target the local yoga market.


As you begin to steadily get yourself out there, you will find that one thing will lead to another, and your teaching practice will slowly begin to manifest itself into a burgeoning business. However, if you are turned off by the prospect of business, you may want to find someone who will handle the business and marketing side or resign yourself to teaching yoga as a hobby only. Ultimately, it is a matter of what makes you comfortable.

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