By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Becoming a semi-retired Yoga instructor is much more appealing in today’s job market. All of us reach a point where we want to spend our time making a contribution to our families and communities. The option of part-time work, as a Yoga teacher, is one of many for a new breed of retirees.

Due to laws like The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, forced retirement is not the issue it once was; but some employees, who reach 65 years of age, are quietly encouraged to leave. With an assortment of options, such as: IRAs, 401k investments, part-time work, or Social Security, the option to remain active in the workforce on a part-time basis is a reality.

If you are 50 years or older, you may be contemplating what to do after full-time work. It’s not like we want to completely leave the workforce, but it would be nice to have part of the day or week to call your own. Teaching Yoga, as an independent contractor, is a viable option for part-time self-employment.

Many people have spent their younger adult lives working overtime or working two jobs to support their families. At a certain point in life, we realize the need to enjoy life before it’s too late. Living the Yoga lifestyle is a great way to extend the quality of life and pass the gift of health on to others.

Matured Yoga teachers tend to be aware of the importance of student safety because experience teaches us to recognize the potential for injuries in daily situations. There is also a huge market for teaching Yoga to the 77 million baby boomers who want to safely practice Yoga for longevity.

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