By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Life is full of surprises. Even in established Yoga schools, there are times when Yoga teachers become ill, have a family crisis, or have to leave because of obligations. Most often, the senior student, or an established substitute Yoga teacher, will “fill in” for as long as it takes.

What do you do, if there is no substitute teacher available, and the senior student lacks the confidence to teach? This situation is unique, but do not be discouraged. A student with, at least, two years of previous Yoga training, should you have enough knowledge to start teaching beginners, and begin improving with each class.

If you are waiting for perfection, it may never come. Teaching Yoga is much like life. We have to learn from our experiences and improve each time, as we move forward. No Yoga teacher could ever truthfully tell you, that he or she never made a mistake in class.

Experience is a matter of learning from mistakes. You can improve dramatically by networking with other Yoga teachers in your area and scheduling intensive training, when possible. If you search, you will easily be able to find teachers who will work with you.

Each step of Yoga teacher training is one step forward. Your teacher gave you a foundation that you will later look back at with fondness. In Yoga, there is no end to learning. It is a life long journey of discovery. Remember the saying, “If you want to swim, you have to get your feet wet.”

This is especially true when Yoga teachers develop a level of proficiency. Almost every competent Yoga teacher has started his or her first class with a lack of confidence. It takes time and practice to develop confidence and competence.

To become a competent Yoga instructor requires time, dedication, and a will to continue the journey.

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