Yoga Lifestyle and the Yogic path

Staying with Yoga Instruction

I also gained a few private students when students whom I tutor in my university’s academic support center discovered I teach yoga, and expressed interests in having me teach them. Though busy and incompatible schedules could make those commitments short-lived, the bits of experiences (and extra cash) were valuable enough to make my efforts more than worth it. For anyone who might have to suspend formal teaching temporarily because of other work and financial obligations, I believe that similar connections are possible.

Life Skills Gained from Yoga

Remember to breathe. As Yoga practitioners, we constantly remind ourselves to breathe and to be aware of our breath. Providing the body with oxygen is beneficial in strenuous and restorative poses; it is also valuable in daily lives. The tendency to hold the breath and "clench up" when angry or surprised is natural, but actions and decision-making are both improved by breathing. When a disobedient child challenges me, the first thing I do is take a long, slow breath.

The Yogi’s Journey

I have experienced in the 11 years that yoga has been a part of my life Yoga as Unity and also a pathway to Unity Consciousness. It has been a personal journey, one of many discoveries and profound insights; the mat has brought me to Spirit. In a world filled with negativity, stress, environmental toxins, and other energy sapping temptations, Yoga brings a lifestyle and practice that reconnects mind, body and Spirit.

Yoga Teacher Training – Existence and Purpose

Do you know your purpose? Has your guru helped open your eyes to become your own teacher. The best gurus have always encouraged their students to become empowered and independent. The best Yoga teacher is within if you just focus on your true purpose.

Waiting for Miracles – Become a Yoga Teacher

A chair Yoga teacher who sees students gain an extra 10 to 20 years of quality life after recovering from serious health problems can attest to seeing miracles on a daily basis. The same can be said for Yoga instructors who teach children, pregnant students, athletes, or any other student. Teaching others to see beyond illusion and to manage their lives is also a miracle.

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