Waiting for Miracles – Become a Yoga Teacher

A chair Yoga teacher who sees students gain an extra 10 to 20 years of quality life after recovering from serious health problems can attest to seeing miracles on a daily basis. The same can be said for Yoga instructors who teach children, pregnant students, athletes, or any other student. Teaching others to see beyond illusion and to manage their lives is also a miracle.

A Sampling of Questions about Yoga Teacher Training

That is why we have upgrade courses for Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. These are two of the most common decisions, when considering continuing education for Yoga teachers. We do not want to sell you the same books twice. Our graduates receive discounts instead of sending you overlapping materials. We will prorate any upgrades for our graduates.

Job Security for Chair Yoga Teachers

Education about the mental and physical benefits of Yoga has spread like "wild fire" in the past couple of decades; but what about the needs of those who are not so young and limber? In some parts of the world, the number of seniors will outweigh the working population. Italy, the United States, and the rest of Europe, will see senior populations grow rapidly.

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