Self-realizationBy Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Each day, we answer at least 200 legitimate Emails and receive dozens of phone calls. The following question and answer session is a compilation of question and answer sessions with interns, graduates, and Yoga teachers in the field.

Q: You have so many specialized courses, which direction should I go in?

A: There are no pre-requisites for the following courses.

• Camp-in-a-Box (Level 1 or any variation of it)
• Restorative Yoga Teacher Course
• Kids Yoga Teacher Course
• Chair Yoga Teacher Course
• Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Course
• Introduction to Teaching Yoga

Choose your direction, based upon careful decision-making and your true passion. For example: Why take a Camp-in-a-Box, if your heart calls you to Vinyasa? There is no wrong decision. Each of us has different interests and needs.

Q: What if I want to expand my knowledge from the foundational Level 1 course to one of the other courses that doesn’t require a pre-requisite?

A: That is why we have upgrade courses for Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. These are two of the most common decisions, when considering continuing education for Yoga teachers.

We do not want to sell you the same books twice. Our graduates receive discounts instead of sending you overlapping materials. We will prorate any upgrades for our graduates.

Q: I don’t want to pay any import taxes. Could you “fix” my shipping documentation to look like a gift?

A: As you know, this is morally wrong, and we will not do it. With that said, we are based in the United States, and we ship worldwide. We mark exported courses as “Educational Materials.” Each country’s customs departments handle this differently. Some will not charge you taxes on educational materials.

On top of this, falsifying export documentation has consequences, such as: fines, closing our school, and possible prison time, for the shipper and the owners.

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