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Hatha Yoga To Keep Your Cool

Although meditation is very important, most people would be better off to work on fundamental relaxation techniques first. As children, we learn to walk before running. Paulji often says, “It is much easier to meditate by relaxing first.” Relaxation is an area of Yoga, which deals with techniques of deep tranquilization, to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and to feel inwardly calm and balanced. Yoga includes much more than just a series of body and breathing exercises. Yogic relaxation should become a habit and can be best described as a lifestyle or a state of mind.

Yoga and the Awakening of Consciousness

Unfortunately, there is still too much mystery regarding the higher forms of Yoga (Raja, Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana). All four of these forms of Yoga will help us awaken our consciousness. However, we can take a fresh view of the concept. Awakening was classically referred to as “unfolding.”

Waiting for Miracles – Become a Yoga Teacher

A chair Yoga teacher who sees students gain an extra 10 to 20 years of quality life after recovering from serious health problems can attest to seeing miracles on a daily basis. The same can be said for Yoga instructors who teach children, pregnant students, athletes, or any other student. Teaching others to see beyond illusion and to manage their lives is also a miracle.

Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training – Teaching New Students

Many Hatha Yoga certification courses emphasize the value of teaching students who have flexible bodies or have invested years of asana practice. Yet, how many students will meet these criteria? Most students who come to Yoga classes have very little experience.

Teaching Hatha Yoga during any Economy

The answer to this need, for paying penance, is as follows. Turn the temperature of the room up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Insult your students, because they love it. Turn your studio into “Devil’s Island.” Yes, I’m joking, but some people seem to love it. Boot camp Yoga, and being tortured mentally and physically, during classes, is still popular.

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