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Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training – Teaching New Students

Many Hatha Yoga certification courses emphasize the value of teaching students who have flexible bodies or have invested years of asana practice. Yet, how many students will meet these criteria? Most students who come to Yoga classes have very little experience.

Yoga Teacher Certification Courses – The Importance of Yoga Anatomy

Recently, there was a discussion related to the importance of anatomy in a Yoga teacher training course. Some teachers are taking anatomy courses for the sake of continuing education, but they don’t know why. When considering teaching Hatha Yoga, we should design our classes to be as safe as possible for each student.

Yoga Teacher Training – Why is Pranayama Underrated

Some interns and Yoga teacher trainers believe the heart and soul of Yoga is asana practice. This may be so in some fitness oriented Hatha Yoga styles, but it isn't the case for all of Yoga. Many Yoga styles are designed for the maintenance of your mind on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level.

Basics of Pranayama for Yoga Teacher Training Interns

Many Yoga certification courses outside of India omit the Eight Limbs of Yoga in their training. Some of these graduates may not learn anything about meditation, yama, niyama, pranayama or Patanjali. You may learn 20 to 30 asanas and become a Yoga teacher.

Yoga Certification – The Gateway to the Job of Your Dreams

The difference between someone, who is a successful Yoga teacher, and someone who wants to be, is the ability to recognize an opportunity. The path of teaching starts with the study of a specific subject. This is completely true if the subject you want to teach is Yoga.

Five Reasons why You Should not be a Yoga Teacher

This is truly ironic that we hold ourselves back from making achievements, and teaching Yoga is just one of many goals that are not fully realized. Below is a list of common reasons why many good practitioners do not pursue their goal of becoming a Yoga instructor.

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