Yogic Diet

The Mental Aspect of a Yoga Diet

By Sangeetha Saran Yoga teacher training courses cover many subjects.  Among these subjects is the Yoga diet and lifestyle.  The most important aspect of a Yoga inspired diet is mental power. A positive outlook is crucial for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Negative emotions can interfere with the weight loss process. Negativity often leads to [...]

De-Stress Yourself With The Right Way Of Eating

According to Yoga, stress is an imbalance at the mental, physical, or emotional level. It is not the cause of our ills, but the cause is one's inability to cope with a changing condition. Yoga balances, harmonizes, and brings integration between physical and mental health. Yogic methods of stress management include: maintaining the physical body through the practice of Asana, awakening the vital energy through Pranayama, relaxation through Yoga-nidra, and through food - the source of Prana.

Yoga Diet Tips – Part II

Yoga teacher training courses cover the three primary qualities existing in the universe, which are: sattva, rajas, and tamas. Often, Yoga teacher interns are advised to consume sattvic foods. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very important to the Yoga practitioner.

Yoga Diet Tips – Part I

Will Hatha Yoga teacher training courses prepare instructors for working with obese populations? Can Hatha Yoga teachers make an impact on a less physically active society? Can the Yoga diet help people avoid obesity? Among many other things, Yoga teachers should understand the Yogic diet.

Yoga Diet for Sensibility, Simplicity, and Happiness

Within every Yoga teacher training is the study of doshas, gunas, and koshas. You cannot study Yoga without learning something about Ayurveda and Yogic psychology. Above all things, Yoga is a spiritual practice and discipline that aids the aspirant to unify his or her body, mind, and heart. This wonderful, sacred, and ancient practice has enormous dietary benefits, while empowering the mind and spirit.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Are You Eating Correctly?

According to Yogic philosophy, as described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “bitter, sour, hot, green vegetables….Food heated again, dry, having too much salt, sour, minor grains, and vegetables that cause burning sensation, should not be eaten.”

Teaching Yoga – Should Yogis be Vegetarians?

Not all Yogis are vegetarians; but you will notice - the longer they practice, the healthier their diets are. There are so many advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle; this diet will help you attain a high standard of health, keen intellect, and serenity of mind. Every level one Yoga teacher training course should include information about healthy dieting.

Yoga Teacher Exam Stress

Yoga teachers often help their students with stress management techniques. Can you imagine a Yoga teacher intern stressed out over his or...

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