Vinyasa Yoga Teacher TrainingBy Sangeetha Saran

Yoga teacher training courses cover the three primary qualities existing in the universe, which are: sattva, rajas, and tamas. Often, Yoga teacher interns are advised to consume sattvic foods. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very important to the Yoga practitioner.

These foods fall under the sattvic category and are best enjoyed raw and free of sweeteners or salt whenever possible. Green vegetables are also carbohydrates, but they generally have so few calories and so much fiber that they can be consumed freely and should make up the bulk of the diet. Carbohydrates fill you up and give your body with the vitamins and fiber it needs.

When choosing carbohydrates to eat, it is very important to stick to complex carbohydrates. These are foods such as potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal. These carbohydrates are important for weight loss and maintenance because they are converted to sugar much more slowly by the body. This will prevent slowing the metabolism. The nutrition community currently advises that around 55 to 60 percent of your daily calories come from carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates can have the reverse effect and can actually slow the metabolism and contribute to weight gain. Such foods as sugar, candy, cakes, pies, cookies, fruit juice, soft drinks, or any other high-sugar food (including those that are labeled fat free), cause the body to release a hormone called insulin.

A quick or dramatic increase in insulin in the body can significantly slow or stall the weight loss process. In fact, high levels of insulin over long periods of time can slow your metabolism down so dramatically that it will actually prevent the body from using stored fat for energy. Just one helping of the simple carbohydrates, by itself, can spike the insulin and slow the metabolism to the point that the body essentially stops burning fat; in effect, stopping weight loss.

Yoga teachers should make any reliable dietary information available to their students.

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