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Yoga Diet Tips – Part II

Yoga teacher training courses cover the three primary qualities existing in the universe, which are: sattva, rajas, and tamas. Often, Yoga teacher interns are advised to consume sattvic foods. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very important to the Yoga practitioner.

Mastering the Craft of Teaching Yoga

Did you ever question your devotion to teaching? Have you ever internally questioned the devotion of another Yoga teacher? It is only human to question and make comparisons. Making comparisons and judging has kept you alive up to this point. Every step in life requires you to make some form of judgment or a decision.

About New Yoga Teacher Courses and Training Materials

We have two new Yoga teacher courses in the works. Both of them will be released in December of 2008. The pre-requisite of these courses is that you are already a Certified or Registered Yoga Teacher. Certified teachers may need continuing education credits from Aura or another certifying body. Registered Yoga teachers may need continuing education credits for a registry.

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