become a yoga instructorBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Did you ever question your devotion to teaching? Have you ever internally questioned the devotion of another Yoga teacher? It is only human to question and make comparisons. Making comparisons, and judging, has kept you alive up to this point. Every step in life requires you to make some form of judgment or a decision.

You can freely decide how to become a Yoga teacher. You decide whether to get out of bed, or not, each day. You choose to eat breakfast, take a shower, meditate, watch television, or anything else, after you wake up. To choose, or decide, is a form of judgment. So, how did we get the idea that judgment should be restrained?

Our judgments, and preconceived notions, concerning ourselves and others, can be self-destructive. Prejudice and intolerance have led humankind toward the path of hate, and narrow-minded thinking, throughout history. We have also learned that harsh judgments of others hold us back as a species.

This is why non-judgment is praised as a higher quality. Tolerance and mutual respect, over our differences, gives us the power of collective thinking. When we communicate with others, who have different thoughts; we collectively learn from the experience. This ability, to accept differences in others, is the path to progress for humankind.

Due to Internet communication, television, and radio, we have access to new ideas every day. This does not mean all outside ideas will be easily accepted, but we have come a long way since our cave dwelling ancestors. New ideas are subject to practical application and time. This is why any fresh ideas are worthy of “air time.”

In judging ourselves too harshly, we waste time wishing we could change the past. This is a mistake that can lead to feelings of regret, depression, and self-contempt. The experience from mistakes, helps us learn more about what we are made of. We are better off to learn from our past mistakes, try to correct them, and move forwar – enriched by the experience.

Many interns join Yoga teacher training courses as a quest for self-discovery. The journey of understanding your true purpose in life is a noble path, but it is not the end of the path. If you are lucky enough to understand yourself, and you know your unique purpose in this life, you should help others who are seeking answers.

Each Yoga student has unique abilities, skills, and talents that contribute to the better good of your community. Yet, some students feel they are not worthy of praise. The best Yoga teachers help students reach their optimum potential in life.

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