online 500 hour yoga teacher training intensiveBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Yogic philosophy is based upon living in the moment. In a Hatha or Vinyasa class, students are taught pranayama (Yogic breathing) to create a connection with the mind and body. This mind and body connection makes the Yoga practitioner mindful of life as it is right now.

What is the significance of being mindful or more aware of life? To many people, this Yogic jargon about awareness or mindfulness is a mystery. Is there an easy way to explain this? Yes, mindfulness or awareness can be easily defined as “appreciation.”

How many people take the time to appreciate the little things in life? How many of us take our relationships for granted? Unfortunately, it is human to take good relationships and situations for granted. It seems the more humans have – the more humans want.  Below are five steps to enhance inspiration through the practice of Yoga.

1. Waking up with gratitude should be easy for any of us. We can be happy and inspired by being thankful for all that we have. A bird wakes up with a song in his or her heart, and so should we. To focus on happy thoughts brings states of bliss and inspiration.

2. Stop to notice people, objects, or moments we usually take for granted. This could be as simple as enjoying a good laugh or stopping to appreciate nature. Over the years, children, pets, loved ones and friends deserve time for us to focus on them. If you take the time to notice, your life will change for the best.

3. Let go of judgment. Drop the comparisons to others. This happens in life and even happens in some Yoga classes. Competition will not disappear from our lifestyles, but we do not need to become obsessed with it. The drive for material competition can take happiness out of life.

4. We attract what we think. If we think about doom and gloom, we will attract like minded people. The same is true for inspiration. If we are inspired we will attract people who are kindred souls. A person who is positive will not be attracted by a negative personality and vice versa.

5. Appreciate the magic in life. In the course of life, we see miracles happen. Some people recover from illnesses, trauma, and near death experiences. Many adults are living full lives, who would not have survived without the medical technology we see today. This is just one example, but small miracles are happening every day. It is good to appreciate these magical moments in life.

Ultimately, we practice Yoga in every aspect of our daily lives.

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