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Teaching Yoga and Using Notes

Dr. Paul Jerard E-RYT 500 (Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Aura Wellness Center) Speaks to you in this short lecture about the disadvantages of using notes while teaching your Yoga class.

Teaching Yoga – Creating a Dissociative Identity

To become a Yoga teacher is a milestone for many of us; yet, there are times when we might want to suddenly become someone else, or disappear. One example is a new student, who has not taken a bath for a month - showing up to your Yoga class. Sometimes, teaching Yoga has its awkward moments. Would you like to have someone else tell this student to get out of your class?

Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training – Tutoring Limitations

Most Yoga teacher certification courses offer some tutoring, or contact, with a mentor. This form of contact is possible, regardless of whether you have chosen an on-site or correspondence-based Yoga certification course. It seems impossible to believe that an in-person training would not have tutoring for interns - but it does happen.

Teaching Yoga Students the Art of Relaxation

If you studied to become a Yoga teacher in an ashram, or a local studio; you learned the art of Yogic relaxation. How well did your Yoga teacher training prepare you for the levels of chronic stress you see within your students?

Mastering the Craft of Teaching Yoga

Did you ever question your devotion to teaching? Have you ever internally questioned the devotion of another Yoga teacher? It is only human to question and make comparisons. Making comparisons and judging has kept you alive up to this point. Every step in life requires you to make some form of judgment or a decision.

Three People Most Unlikely to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga instructors come from all walks of life, with a variety of life experiences and the desire to help others. The three following examples are not the most likely, and their names have been changed for their privacy.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher – Three Challenges

One of the basics in our foundational Yoga training is to let go of judgment. Yet, how many of us can let it go? If we are programmed to be perfect for 30 years, can we stop today? Letting go of the excessive demand for perfection is a gradual process, which may require professional counseling.

Teaching Yoga Classes – Showing Gratitude

How many ways can Yoga affect health? If you look at any person, Yoga can change mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health - for the best. Let’s look at how gratitude can create good health. Have you ever met someone who does not appreciate what they have?

Yoga Certification Online or Traditional Training

There is nothing wrong with the evolution of yoga teacher training, but the traditional form of training took many years and is much less common today. There are many reasons for this. Family, work, and financial obligations, often top the list. Travel to India, to live in an ashram, may also tax one’s pocketbook and time.

Yoga Certification – What is Holding You Back?

There are many capable students with ten, or more, years of experience who wait to be recognized by their Yoga teacher. They believe in the formality of an apprenticeship and the traditional Guru / student relationship. Unfortunately, years go by, and they are not recognized as worthy of consideration to become an apprentice.

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