500 hour yoga instructor certification programBy Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

If you studied to become a Yoga teacher in an ashram, or a local studio; you learned the art of Yogic relaxation. How well did your Yoga teacher training prepare you for the levels of chronic stress you see within your students?

Many people do not know how to live with a relaxed mind and body. The frantic pace of life has made us forget that relaxation should be the norm, not stress and agitation. Our minds and bodies are inextricably linked, if the mind is worried, then the body is also out of sorts.

Many of us are used to living with constant tension. This tension causes great discomfort depleting energy causing tiredness and poor health. Yogic relaxation is therefore a very necessary part of a Yoga training session; as proper relaxation, releases tension, calms us and refreshes the whole system.

A relaxation period allows the mind and body to work in conjunction. This teaches us to let go of stress, reduce it, and leaves one feeling refreshed and energized. Relaxation involves letting go, not doing anything, relaxing the whole body, and allow the breathing to become deep and slow.

During this time, physiological changes occur. There is a reduction in the amount of oxygen used, carbon dioxide is eliminated, and muscle tension is reduced. Proper relaxation however, has three stages: physical, mental and spiritual.

Mental and physical relaxation is never complete without spiritual relaxation, in order to achieve this we need to detach ourselves from the body and mind. This helps us reduce the feelings of fear, worry, anger and sadness.

During spiritual relaxation, we become merely a witness to the body and mind. The we can identify with the Self or pure consciousness. Only through this spiritual relaxation can we be truly free and at total peace.

Even a few moments of Yogic relaxation reduces worry and fatigue much more effectively than hours of disturbed sleep. Relaxation does not end in the Yoga class, but it also carries over into daily activities and work, enabling us to conserve energy and release fear or worries, which cause stress.

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