Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Become the Best Possible Yoga Teacher in Five Easy Steps

The more we know, the more we realize how much more there is to learn. In Yoga, and in life, each day is a new lesson. Some interns think that, the material they learn in a 200 hour Yoga teacher training will be the “end all” to their education.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher – Three Challenges

One of the basics in our foundational Yoga training is to let go of judgment. Yet, how many of us can let it go? If we are programmed to be perfect for 30 years, can we stop today? Letting go of the excessive demand for perfection is a gradual process, which may require professional counseling.

The Purpose of Becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher

Why would someone choose to teach Yoga classes? There are many events in life, which just seem to happen, but deciding to go through Yoga teacher training is not one of them. Whether you choose to teach, or your teacher suggests it, there are many different factors to consider if one decides to become a Yoga teacher. The following are thoughts to consider when Yoga students become teachers.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Your Semi-Retirement

Matured Yoga teachers tend to be aware of the importance of student safety because experience teaches us to recognize the potential for...

What’s stopping you from Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Design a web site, business cards, letter head, or Blog for your Yoga teaching services. These small steps create self confidence and expand your vision. Take note of your strong points, weak points, and educate yourself to "fill any gaps." Learn everything about Yoga and teaching that you can, while you have the time.

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