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As a student pursues his or her dream to become a Yoga instructor, there are many elements of teaching that must be taken into consideration. In order to develop into an effective instructor, your own practice must be strong and regular.

To become an effective teacher, it is also important to study for your certification under the auspices of a professional training program of at least 200 hours in length. Additionally, you will want to continue to study and develop your skills as a Yoga instructor, even after you earn your certification. Once you begin teaching, you must also be keenly aware of the needs, strengths, and limitations of the students in your class.

One of the main keys to becoming a Yoga teacher is to maintain your own practice on a consistent basis. Frequently, a new teacher may take on a number of classes to teach each week and become so busy that maintaining a regular personal practice becomes difficult.

If you do not maintain your own level of flexibility and strength, it will be difficult for you to correctly demonstrate the poses to your students. It is also important to maintain a regular practice of meditation, contemplation, and chanting in order to stay in touch with your own divinity, so that you are able to see the divinity in life.

Another key component of becoming an effective teacher is to study for your certification in a professional Yoga teacher training program. In most countries there is no government recognized organization that approves teacher training programs. As a matter of fact, the registration organizations have appointed themselves.

The teacher training programs offered are at the foundational, 200 hour level and the 500 hour professional level. A complete teacher training course will fully-cover various aspects of teaching, including meditation, proper sequencing of postures, modifications, alignment, Yogic philosophy, working with special populations, anatomy, and physiology.

As a new Yoga instructor, you will be constantly improving and honing your teaching skills. A very important aspect of teaching Yoga is to develop a class that meets the needs of your students appropriately. Some groups of students may need a more restorative class, and other groups of students may be ready for a more challenging, vigorous power Yoga training session. In order to truly become an effective teacher, you must be adept at being aware of the level of your students and the type of class that best matches their needs and interests.

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