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Teaching Yoga for the Quality of Life

Well known for its relaxation and breathing techniques, yoga as a way of life has spread like fire through studios across the world and into gyms, fitness clubs, senior centers and even public schools. There are many different styles and techniques, with each style focusing on a specific emphasis that tends to characterize it. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, for example, is a practice that highlights the physical challenges of yoga whereas Iyengar is a slower version of Hatha that allows practitioners to concentrate on pose mastery and yogic philosophy.

Questions about Yoga Teacher Training Online

There are many Yoga certification courses available for those who seek to teach. Among the programs, for someone who seeks to become a Yoga instructor, are online, home study, and correspondence programs. We could easily classify all of the above-mentioned programs as Yoga teacher distance learning courses. Below are some of the most common questions about correspondence courses, for students who wish to become a Yoga teacher.

How to Pass Your Yoga Teacher Training Exams

The following is a brief compilation of tips that will help anyone taking Yoga certification exams. Generally speaking, Yoga teacher training courses are composed of three basic parts. These parts may be your written exams, essays, and practical exams. There may be one, or more, of these parts involved during the examination process.

Two Tips for Teaching Yoga through Challenges

When you think about teaching Yoga classes, you always see the positive side of your life experiences. Every Yoga instructor realizes that the act of organizing, and teaching classes, becomes a life mission. Yet, life has “ups and downs” for all of us. There are days when students are seriously ill, you feel ill, or worse.

The Purpose of Becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher

Why would someone choose to teach Yoga classes? There are many events in life, which just seem to happen, but deciding to go through Yoga teacher training is not one of them. Whether you choose to teach, or your teacher suggests it, there are many different factors to consider if one decides to become a Yoga teacher. The following are thoughts to consider when Yoga students become teachers.

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