hot yoga instructor certification courseBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

When you think about teaching Yoga classes, you always see the positive side of your life experiences. Every Yoga instructor realizes that the act of organizing, and teaching classes, becomes a life mission. Yet, life has “ups and downs” for all of us. There are challenges and days when students are seriously ill, you feel ill, or worse.

What is one to do? There is a belief that Yoga teachers, gurus, and swamis, should be in good health at all times. If we deeply believe that we are something beyond mere mortals, we are in for a “reality check.” Life has good and bad times. No matter who you are, you have feelings; and you can become ill. The best we can do is prepare for life’s many challenges.

There are Yoga teachers who are blind, deaf, have ailments, are in a wheelchair, or are experiencing grief. The following is a strategy for the obstacles we might encounter in life. No matter what we encounter, please remember that a positive mindset, and the power of prayer, can help in the worst of times.

Accept and Plan for Life’s Challenges

Each one of us looks at life from a different angle, but we cannot deny that life is full of challenges. Worrying or complaining about an obstacle will not make it go away. Look at challenges as a learning experience – to solve problems based upon your personal practice.

If we regularly practice pranayama, asana, meditation, and teach Yoga classes every day, but fail to handle our emotions during a crisis, is it a sin? No, but it does indicate that our Yoga practice did not prepare us for the emotional challenge we encountered. Life is the area where we apply the Yogic knowledge we learn and practice. If something needs to be improved, life and reality will let us know.

Have a Game Plan

Some people say life is not a game. Please explain that to my cats. To them, life itself is complete entertainment. They are mindful of every little thing, but not too serious about anything. Children also have this quality, and each of us does, as well. We all have an “inner child,” starving for a game, a laugh, and the desire to have fun.

When we become adults, we suppress the inner child and start to become rigid in our thinking. The mind is just like the body. So many people focus on training the body, but how many focus on training the mind? The key is to be flexible in the mind and prepare yourself for the twists and turns on this journey of life.

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