Back Pain

Decompress the Spine with Yoga

Compression within the backbone is often characterized by too much strain on the intervertebral disks. Engaging oneself in physical activities will help office workers to reduce pain, and possibly overcome this condition, by allowing intervertebral fluid to circulate properly and decompress the spine. In turn, safe physical activity will effectively manage to improve posture and restore decompression of the spine.

Teaching Private Yoga Sessions for Back Pain

We know that when pain is apparent in the back area the cause can often be due to tightness or strain in other areas of the body. Sometimes tight hamstrings, the neck or shoulders are to blame. Yoga teachers should explain this important concept to the client as they provide them a variety of stretches that focus not only on the back specifically but also on the limbs and core.

Yoga Poses for Back Injuries

The following are a few yoga poses, or “asanas,” that make the back more flexible and stronger. Yoga is about honoring your body where it is, and not experiencing pain while doing the poses. Gradually and with more practice you will become more flexible.

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga For Lower Back Pain

By Bhavan Kumar New research shows that practicing certain types of therapeutic Yoga can help relieve chronic lower back pain. Specifically, Hatha Yoga combines classic asanas, controlled breathing, and deep relaxation. The Iyengar, Restorative, and Viniyoga forms of Hatha use props to help practitioners perform the poses properly regardless of flexibility, experience, or physical limitations. [...]

Teaching Hatha Yoga for Back Pain Relief

When you considered becoming a Yoga teacher, did you ever think about the amount of students, with pre-existing back pain, who will show up to your classes? This is one of many reasons why anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology are an essential part of Yoga teacher training and continuing education courses for experienced Yoga teachers.

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