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If you’ve ever experienced any type of back pain, you know that it can dominate all aspects of your life. Constant pain becomes a daily issue that can’t be easily forgotten. It can cause negative feelings to seep into your being which eventually transfer to your interactions with others. You might have less patience with your kids, show less enthusiasm at work or treat friends and family with less kindness. Back pain sufferers typically turn to medical doctors to prescribe medication to ease the pain. Those not interested in medication might turn to a chiropractor or specific stretches to find relief.

Many asanas are successful at relieving and even preventing back pain. Those who have never tried yoga before might be a bit wary of a whole-class setting. A private yoga session gives people the privacy and direct instruction they desire. Even a student who is experienced can benefit from the specialized nature of private yoga sessions. The Yoga instructor should meet the needs of the client to the best of his or her ability by learning as much as possible about the client’s specific areas of pain, the cause of the pain and other medical history.

Focus on the Entire Body

We know that when pain is apparent in the back area the cause can often be due to tightness or strain in other areas of the body. Sometimes tight hamstrings, the neck or shoulders are to blame. Yoga teachers should explain this important concept to the client as they provide them a variety of stretches that focus not only on the back specifically but also on the limbs and core.

Strengthen the Core

Many back problems are also due to weak core muscles. When a person works on strengthening the core muscles, those muscles can then take some of the strain off of the overworked back muscles. Private yoga instructors should provide several core-building poses for the client to work on every day.

Give Easy Assignments

Yoga teachers will most likely meet with their clients once or twice a week. This is certainly not adequate for someone suffering from back discomfort every day. Instructors should leave their clients with a few easy poses to do every day, perhaps twice a day or when the pain strikes. This will give the client important tools to use to relieve the pain. Once they begin to see results, they will most likely become more excited and motivated during the rest of the yoga training sessions.

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