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Rules for Yoga Instructors Who Teach Corporate Classes

Company policies and attitudes toward Yoga vary from one corporation to the next. Discussing issues like insurance, waivers, and etiquette prior to preparing for a new class clarifies everyone’s goals and attitudes. Establishing guidelines and giving written copies to students before or during the first class helps to avoid confusion and awkward situations down the road.

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Stress

Ultimately, yogic medicine is a way of life and not a series of exercises. Contrary to modern notions, yoga is not simply something that you do. In order to truly receive the benefits of the yogic lifestyle, practitioners must move from simply practicing yoga to living it.

Yoga Techniques for Worry

Imagine a natural medicine so powerful that it immediately eliminates the symptoms of a condition while laying the permanent groundwork for its cure. This is the power of yogic science. Practiced regularly, yoga training can effectively remove worry from your life.

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga For Lower Back Pain

By Bhavan Kumar New research shows that practicing certain types of therapeutic Yoga can help relieve chronic lower back pain. Specifically, Hatha Yoga combines classic asanas, controlled breathing, and deep relaxation. The Iyengar, Restorative, and Viniyoga forms of Hatha use props to help practitioners perform the poses properly regardless of flexibility, experience, or physical limitations. [...]

Yoga Teacher Salary and Jobs

With all that said, it still looks professional to have a prepared resume, if or when, it is requested. Additionally, if you were to approach colleges, hospitals, retirement communities, or corporate fitness centers, you definitely should have a resume prepared. Many rewarding and steady teaching positions can be found outside Yoga schools in corporate, medical, fitness, community, and recreational facilities.

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