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For most people, stress is an occasional annoyance. Though extremely discomforting, stress generally goes away after a short time. Chronic stress sufferers see things differently. In chronic cases, stress is a constant companion which has serious impact on virtually every aspect of daily life.

Ignoring the problem typically makes things worse. Chronic stress has been proven to be a direct cause for many debilitating health conditions. From diabetes to high blood pressure, a number of serious medical conditions are now known to be brought on by chronic stress.

One of the innovative ways that modern medicine is confronting the phenomenon of chronic stress is through the application of yogic science. The therapeutic benefits of yoga have long been known; now healthcare professionals are seeing that regular practice of yoga can be a powerful stress reducer.

What’s more, the form of yoga therapy used for stress doesn’t matter in terms of the benefits achieved. Individuals who practice even the simplest forms of yogic breathing techniques report reduced stress. People who engage in regularly scheduled yoga training sessions show an even greater amount of stress reduction.

These benefits are a cumulative. This means that for every hour spent in yogic meditation, chronic stress sufferers report a lasting reduction in the amount of stress that they feel. Ancient yogic methodology has proven to be more effective than even the best modern stress reduction methods.

The best results for reducing the impact of chronic stress come from practicing yoga with a qualified teacher. Students who train with an expert adopt yogic principles and methods more rapidly than those who do not. Qualified teachers can also create specific yogic regimens designed to help individual students overcome the effects of chronic stress.

No matter which yogic methods are used to control stress, these methods are only effective through regular practice. Practiced sporadically, yogic remedies cannot reach their greatest potential. With regular dedicated practice, yogic science can provide lasting relief.

Regular practice means fully integrating yogic science in everyday life. Fortunately, yogic meditation is a highly adaptable series of behaviors. Even the busiest individual can find time to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle.

Ultimately, yogic medicine is a way of life and not a series of exercises. Contrary to modern notions, yoga is not simply something that you do. In order to truly receive the benefits of the yogic lifestyle, practitioners must move from simply practicing yoga to living it.

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