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Yoga Teacher Salary and Jobs

With all that said, it still looks professional to have a prepared resume, if or when, it is requested. Additionally, if you were to approach colleges, hospitals, retirement communities, or corporate fitness centers, you definitely should have a resume prepared. Many rewarding and steady teaching positions can be found outside Yoga schools in corporate, medical, fitness, community, and recreational facilities.

The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers, Part 4

As the Baby Boom generation ages, this "spells out" job security for instructors who wish to specialize in teaching classes with a chair as the main prop. There is no better time than right now to get started, and Chair Yoga will continue to be in need for decades to come. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time for the demand for all of the chair based classes in my little corner of New England.

Teach Yoga with the Best of Intentions

Leave your ego at the door, with your shoes, before going into class. When you practice Yoga, savor each lesson, and take it out into the world, for practice. When you leave the ashram or studio, practice is applying what you learn in class to real life. So, it does not end, when you roll up your mat.

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