500 hour yoga instructor training courseBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

The more we know, the more we realize how much more there is to learn. In Yoga, and in life, each day is a new lesson. Some interns think that, the material they learn in a 200 hour Yoga teacher training will be the “end all” to their education.

After a month into teaching, most of us of us develop a method for expanding our continuing education. The following five tips will help any Yoga teacher gradually reach maximum potential, while living a multi-faceted life.

1. Determine your exact direction. This may depend on the needs of your students or your own quest for personal growth. Whether you are considering training toward the 500 hour level, or becoming a Yoga teacher specialist, you want to draw up a plan to stay on course – without getting “side tracked.”

2. Move forward with purpose. Do you think you can make a habit of studying Yoga for one hour per day? It seems reasonable enough. Imagine how much you could learn in one year. After one year, you will have 365 hours of independent study – in a direction that you can apply toward your student’s needs, your personal growth, or both.

3. Take a realistic look at the pace of your progress. Even when we have a deep passion for Yoga, we must realize that independent study is not a race. Not everyone can study for seven hours per week. Some will study more, but most will study less. It is best to set a steady pace and enjoy life along the way.

4. Reflect back on your progress. It is easy to start a journey, but many can become discouraged along the path. Stop to think about how much you have accomplished. If we invest just four hours of study per week, we have 52 hours of study after three months. Your own continuing education program is a big help to students who depend on your knowledge.

5. Make continuing education a regular part of life. Education, in a subject that we find fascinating, is stimulating, and makes life worth living. As Yoga teachers, we realize that we are students for life. There are many benefits that come with a Yoga teaching position. The lifestyle is healthy. The continuing education stimulates your mind. Your students adopt a less stressful lifestyle. You feel the rewards of watching your students improve their lives.

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