Emotional Health

The Transformative Power of Shiva – Emotional Clarity

Many Yogis and Yoginis also experience the deep peace of dropping into Shiva's formless field of energy thought chanting or repeating his divine name is a concentrated fashion. Repeating the mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya', either silently or audibly, will quickly harness Shiva's energy. Many Yoga practitioners like to use a japa mala to help focus the mind while repeating a mantra, or enlivened phrase.

About Yoga for Your Mind

Ruminating about the past and worrying about the future isn't just mentally draining; it's unproductive, too. One of the best ways to break this all-too-common habit is by occasionally emptying all thoughts from your mind. Meditation is a great way to do this, but learning how to meditate effectively is easier said than done. Yoga offers the perfect solution for busy people who want to evacuate pointless, anxiety-provoking thoughts from their minds. Breathing exercises, or pranayama, are integral parts of the discipline. As you learn to perfect them, you'll find that it becomes easier and easier to enjoy the present.

Yoga of the Heart: Enhancing the Pulsation of Love

Many students and teachers love the practice of Yoga because of the happiness, love and well-being that it generates. However, there is a process of releasing and unfurling that must happen in order to continue to increase and expand the love within our own hearts. Many of us carry "undigested" experiences of sadness, love and scarcity in the region of the Heart Chakra. In order to truly feel the divine love that pulsates at the core of the heart, these negative emotions and experiences must be compassionately released and the love rekindled on a daily basis.

Give Trauma a Time Out With Yoga

The language of yoga has always invited students to listen and respond to their feelings. The physical aspect of yoga builds strength and confidence. The result is that trauma patients who engage in a regular yoga practice are reporting feeling more in control of their emotions and a sense of renewed physical strength.

Yoga Develops One’s Mindset

Pranayama practice, which gradually progresses into all aspects of daily life, will bring wholesome and lasting healing to the body of a person. Practice and benefits start within the mind and spreads to every cell of the body. Yoga training teaches the body to heal itself and to remain in a perpetual state of wellness.

Yoga Helps Mental Health

Scientists looked at over 100 different pieces of research and concentrated on 16 well-respected controlled studies to see how Yoga affected schizophrenia, depression, sleep problems, eating disorders, ADHD, and learning disabilities. They found "positive effects" on sleep ailments and mild depression, even when patients took no medications. Yoga also had a beneficial effect on symptoms of ADHD and schizophrenia in participants on medication.

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