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Yoga Teacher Training in the 21st Century

Traditionally, Yoga was passed from Guru to disciple, after a detailed apprenticeship. Time has changed, and Yoga is globally popular. To suit demand, many ashrams have short four week courses, for those who aspire to become a Yoga instructor. The tourist industry, in India, has learned to adjust for this need.

How to Learn More about Yoga for Less

When you think about attending a Yoga teacher intensive, what thoughts come to your mind? Do you think about the rewards of learning more about Yoga, and spending time with people who share your passion for a holistic lifestyle? What holds you back from attending a Yoga conference, which will benefit you? Nine times out of ten, Yoga teachers and serious practitioners are concerned with cost, obligations, or both, when considering attending an intensive or a conference.

Online Yoga Teacher Internet Community

Evidence, in the form of benefits experienced by long-term practitioners, can be seen in the current economic crisis. Instead of resorting to alcoholism and drugs, a large portion of the public has opted to practice Yoga in classes with like-minded people.

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