online yoga instructor certification workshopBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

How has the online Yoga teacher community managed to flourish so quickly? It seems to have occurred around the time the web made rapid advancements in technology. There is no coincidence in the timing of the popularity growth of Yoga and Internet video technology. Here is what happened and why.

Until recently, most Yoga practitioners were dependent upon training with their Guru, in small groups, or training alone with a book. Without constant stimulation, feedback, or guidance, most students did not participate in Yoga long enough to experience the long-term benefits of regular practice.

Words like “self-realization” and “transformation” can be a mystery, if you practice Yoga without ongoing support. This is where Internet-based education has been so crucial in the global popularity of Yoga. At this time, any student or teacher of Yoga, can find resources which help one sustain a steady practice.

In turn, the global Yoga teacher community has made web-based resources available for the public. Anyone can learn how to practice Yoga for preventative health, pain management, ailments, physical rehabilitation, or reduction of chronic stress levels.

Evidence, in the form of benefits experienced by long-term practitioners, can be seen in the current economic crisis. Instead of resorting to alcoholism and drugs, a large portion of the public has opted to practice Yoga in classes with like-minded people.

This is in stark contrast to the numbers of people, in the past, who engaged in substance abuse the moment times got tough. This is also an indicator that the long-term benefits of Yoga practice have been realized outside of India. Constant reinforcement, of clean living and a healthy lifestyle, has begun to show its true worth.

These positive changes, in the behavior of societies, worldwide, will contribute to a global economic recovery. People need to think clearly in order to find viable solutions. For example: The pursuit of clean energy solutions will help us now, but future generations will thank us for it. This is only one example of how the Yogic mindset has managed to influence the global community.

To think clearly, to let go of greed, and to train the mind, are basic principles of Yogic philosophy. This is why online resources for Yoga education are so important. We sow the seeds today for a brighter future tomorrow. Instead of plundering the earth for every natural resource, we can logically approach problems with solutions that will permanently help future generations.

Consider the alternative: Our past history, as a species, has shown we make some terrible mistakes. Yet, we have managed to advance despite ourselves. Imagine what good we could accomplish if we work together. This is why the online Yoga teacher community exists. All we have to do is keep spreading the message.

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