yoga teacher educationBy Kimaya Singh

Advances in technology have made an impact in many areas of our lives, including learning. An extensive, quality education in yoga is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. There are unique benefits to learning yoga online that make it an excellent choice for many people.

The first benefit of online yoga is the sheer availability. These days, all it takes is a desire and an internet connection to learn yoga online. Gone are the days of having to travel great distances to search for a guru in order to learn about yoga. You can apply yourself and learn all about yoga from your own home, saving time and money. This is fantastic news for people living in areas where yoga schools and instruction are scarce. This is also wonderful news for those who travel a lot, like those in the military. When you are learning yoga online, location doesn’t matter.

Another benefit is scheduling. Learning yoga online offers flexibility that conventional classes simply can’t match. You can fit learning yoga into your schedule, whether it’s 3pm or 3am. Online yoga learning can also fit into any existing schedule, making it ideal for working individuals, stay at home parents and anyone else with an existing schedule that really shouldn’t be disrupted.

Learning yoga in an online atmosphere also guarantees a more rounded educational experience. In the old days, one would learn under their local yoga teacher and the student would have to trust that they were learning everything they needed to know. With an online curriculum, students are guaranteed that they are covering absolutely everything they need to know in terms of philosophy, application, and technique. This more standardized approach is a vast improvement over antiquated methods.

Learning yoga in an online atmosphere also makes learning the material the sole focus. Many times students feel like they’ve done their part just by showing up for class that day and put too much pressure on their teacher to impart their knowledge to them, almost as if by magic. Online education removes that mindset. Every online yoga student has a sense of ownership over their own learning. Yoga is a deeply personal thing, so having a solid inner understanding of yoga is something that will profoundly benefit an individual for their entire lives. Others may try to teach you yoga, but only you can learn it, apply it, and make it a part of your life.

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