Yoga Practice

The Importance of Dedicating Time for Shavasana

When you are ready to practice Shavasana, you may wish to put your socks back on, put an additional layer of clothing on for warmth and have a thick blanket nearby to cover yourself if you feel chilled. It is also quite soothing to use an aromatherapy eye bag during Shavasana. The pleasant scent of the aromatherapy herbs will help to calm your nervous system, and the weight of the eye bag will help the delicate muscles around your eyes to relax and rest.

Can I Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – if I was a Competitive Ice Skater?

Yes, being a Yoga teacher and a coach of ice skating would be a nice compliment toward the benefit of the young skaters you train, and...

Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Vocal Problem Student

The completely silent student does benefit from silence, and newfound awareness, during Yoga practice. Yet, questions allow more than...

Yoga Teacher Exam Stress

Yoga teachers often help their students with stress management techniques. Can you imagine a Yoga teacher intern stressed out over his or...

Yoga Instruction

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 The roles and responsibilities of being a competent, and effective, yoga instructor are up to the individual. Teachers should obtain sufficient training and education in yogic philosophy, anatomy, asanas, and pranayama. Reach a competent level in your own practice before taking the step to instruct others. A strict set of [...]

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