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Three Methods for Teaching Yoga Students How to Cultivate Positive Energy

Students often attend Yoga sessions for relief from a constant barrage of negative messages during the day. If you listen to the news for ten minutes, you are likely to feel puzzled as to why so much social injustice still exists. Anyone can change the world for the best, by cultivating positive energy, and teaching others how to do the same thing.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Set an Intention for Your Lesson Plan

Where do we start, when considering how our lesson plans should be created and the evolution of a student’s practice? If we have a Guru, we may spend time with him or her. We may also consider an online Yoga teacher training course or an onsite intensive.

The Purpose of Yoga: Cultivating the Seeds of Success

This is not meant in an arrogant way, but please consider this: If I think my life is a lesson in defeat, and a hopeless journey, it will be. On the other hand, if I see opportunities in life, and act on them, at the right time, I will live a life of success and abundance. There is no special entitlement to the path of success. The power to find it is in your mind, and a positive attitude will help you when the time is right. The practice of Yogic methodology will turn any attitude into a positive one. As teachers, we spread the word and do our personal best to be good examples. If we manage to point our students toward an optimum lifestyle with success along the path, we have fulfilled our mission.

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