The Purpose of Yoga: Cultivating the Seeds of Success

This is not meant in an arrogant way, but please consider this: If I think my life is a lesson in defeat, and a hopeless journey, it will be. On the other hand, if I see opportunities in life, and act on them, at the right time, I will live a life of success and abundance. There is no special entitlement to the path of success. The power to find it is in your mind, and a positive attitude will help you when the time is right. The practice of Yogic methodology will turn any attitude into a positive one. As teachers, we spread the word and do our personal best to be good examples. If we manage to point our students toward an optimum lifestyle with success along the path, we have fulfilled our mission.

Yoga: A World of Infinite Opportunities

Getting back to your competitors: Don't waste time on bad thoughts. You can easily co-exist in harmony with them, become friends, and learn from them. There is enough opportunity for everyone. This should be your mantra: Observe your competition, learn from their mistakes, and when possible, copy their success.

Yoga in Practice: Train Your Mind for Empowerment, Part 1

Recently, there have been some objections to using words like empowerment, abundance, success, and achievement, within Yogic writings. However, it would be much more difficult to open the doors of my wellness center, in North Providence, if I were homeless. Imagine the number of children, teens, adults, and seniors, who could not reap the benefits of Yoga, if every teacher took a vow of poverty.

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