yoga certificationBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

All forms of Yoga deliver tranquility to us, but what if life is not happy right now?  How can the average person learn to change his or her attitude by practicing Yogic methodology?  What is the Yogic method for dealing with failure and keeping your spirits up?  Let’s look at some Yogic methods to change our lives for the best right now.  Life is exposure to many situations and people, but we do not always have control over everything. Some people feel helpless, depressed, and stressed out by life, but their Yoga training gives them a small sanctuary during the course of the day.

First, we must realize that our practice can last all day long. In fact, life can be one constant Yoga session, if you want it to be. The choice is really up to you.  You can easily practice your breathing, positive thought, good posture, forgive, pray, be kind, and eat correctly on a daily basis.  You do not have to do all of these tasks at once.  You decide what you can do during the course of a day, but realize that you do not need a mat to do it. When discussing Yogic philosophy, Yoga teachers often refer students to the power of self-realization.  Each student develops this awareness gradually, but this is a fundamental part of Yoga training.

Some Yoga teachers approach awareness and self-realization in different ways. Breath awareness, or Pranayama, (Yogic breathing techniques), is the easiest path for new students to develop self-realization.  If taught properly, a new student could develop the foundation of self-realization in one practice session.  So, what is the primary benefit of self-realization?  The beginning of the Yogic path is different for all of us.  We come to our first class for a multitude of reasons, but self-realization is empowerment.  For example: Long before one has decided to become a Yoga teacher, it is learned that we become what we think.  Therefore, the gift of self-empowerment is usually the greatest benefit one receives from a steady practice.

This is not meant in an arrogant way, but please consider this: If I think my life is a lesson in defeat, and a hopeless journey, it will be.  On the other hand, if I see opportunities in life, and act on them, at the right time, I will live a life of success and abundance.  There is no special entitlement to the path of success.  The power to find it is in your mind, and a positive attitude will help you when the time is right.  The practice of Yogic methodology will turn any attitude into a positive one.  As teachers, we spread the word and do our personal best to be good examples.  If we manage to point our students toward an optimum lifestyle with success along the path, we have fulfilled our mission.
How to Become a Yoga Teacher

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