500 hour yoga teacher training programBy Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Could there really be a Yoga teacher who is struggling to find success in life? If every Yoga teacher training program taught the spiritual aspect of abundance, and the Law of Karma correctly, this should not ever happen.

The abundance theory allows Yoga teachers, and anyone else who is interested, to acquire what is needed, and more, through positive thinking and by using universal energy (Prana) for good and noble purposes. When you show loving kindness, and help others, the universe will respond, despite social and economic circumstances.

However, if a person completely believed in pre-determined fate, and was full of negative thoughts, it would be difficult for that person to believe in the abundance theory. This should have been purged from the prospective Yoga teacher intern’s personality, when he or she was a Yoga student.

However, what kind of a Yoga teacher training program avoids teaching the spiritual aspect of abundance and the Law of Karma? How could a Yoga teacher be unfamiliar with the Law of Karma?

If you train Yoga teacher interns to believe that Yoga is an exercise program, with a couple dozen asanas, and a quick certification scheme, then they understand nothing about the spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits of Yoga.

In this case, a Yoga teacher, who is trained in this way, could not even help him/ or herself. How could this person be qualified to help his or her Yoga students? In a quick Yoga certification program, you do not have to learn about Yogic philosophy, meditation, Pranayama techniques, japa, the subtle body, mudras, nadis, chakras, or the causal body.

If a person is taught Yoga as an exercise only, and then trained to teach the public, they should be titled, “Yoga Exercise Instructor.” If a person has tremendous physical prowess and flexibility, they should be titled “Yoga Gymnastics Instructor.”

This would be great for fitness centers and for Yoga studios. Most fitness centers want an exercise instructor, and most Yoga studios want a 200-hour minimum trained Yoga teacher.

The fitness center clientele would not have to meditate, practice Pranayama, or learn much about Yoga, except for the exercise aspect. The Yoga studios and ashrams already know what a Yoga exercise instructor is, even if he or she has the title “Yoga Teacher.” My feeling is: Be honest with the students. If all they want is exercise, get them an exercise instructor.
Now let’s get back to unsuccessful Yoga teachers. The initial training is in question because Yogic philosophy was never covered, but marketing and business skills, specific to teaching Yoga, would have helped.

It has been said, “A leopard cannot change its spots,” which indicates that the inherent nature of something will not change. Now, if a new Yoga instructor finds that a weekend fitness certification was not adequate, go back to the drawing board and find a comprehensive Yoga teacher training course.

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