By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

When considering which Yoga teacher training course to take, sometimes it is hard to decide which direction to go in. If you have a “calling” to specialize, you may have to ponder your decision awhile before taking action. Below is an example of an intern who is going through this decision-making process.

Q: “Lately, I have thoughts and visions of me helping senior citizens through Yoga; I don’t know why. I do know that if I had the knowledge today – I would. I have thought of changing my career, but it never occurred to me that I could work each day helping people and doing something I enjoy.

I don’t yet feel myself to be experienced enough to teach Yoga to someone else, but I want to learn. Please tell me where to start.

Do you feel that with dedication, it is reasonable to say that within a year I could learn enough to start teaching Yoga? Which of your programs should I begin with?”

A: Dedication and action are two of the most important ingredients in any learning process. You have already taken initial action by contacting me.

One year of study will expand your knowledge base enough to become a competent Yoga teacher. Please understand that one year of study is only the beginning of your studies. Yoga teachers are actually “students for life.”

My suggestions for a course are based on your needs. For example: Will you teach a wide audience of different ages, specialize in teaching seniors, or both? These ideas deserve deep consideration on your part.

For a foundational course, to teach a wide audience of different ages, visit:

For a course that specializes in teaching seniors, visit:

It is possible to get both courses, by upgrading at a later point.

For example:

The upgrade is discounted to avoid duplicating materials, and it allows you to receive a second diploma.

My suggestion is to get the foundational course first because you will be teaching a larger audience. However, if you have a calling to teach seniors – I understand.

I teach seniors in over 10 classes, every week, in the mornings on weekdays. They are the most dedicated groups that I work with.

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