Teaching Hatha Yoga: Explaining the Law of Karma to Yoga Students

The principle is the same in any organization. In companies, we learn about delegating authority. This may seem harsh, if you are sweeping the floor, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) does not have the spare time to sweep the floor, and it is doubtful that he or she monitors the person who does sweep the floor. In fact, the person who sweeps the floor has usually taken action without much coaxing.

The Mystery of Jnana Yoga

The answers to most of our problems are within us. The true self is like an onion, with rough outer layers of personality, which the world sees. These outer layers make up our social mask and we have to be careful. There is no Yoga teacher certification for union by knowledge, but self-realization is a quest that can become a personal accomplishment for those who are willing to spend a lifetime of study, practice, and devotion.

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Yoga in Practice: Taking Control of Your Life

They applied their knowledge, and that of their mentors, completely. They saw an opportunity, focused completely, and used every possible skill to accomplish the end result. A person with limited intelligence can easily accomplish much by making friends, creating partnerships, influencing, and applying what they have learned with complete focus. Should we give up and stop learning new ideas? Of course not, but we should see the value in applying what we learn.

Do Yoga Teachers Struggle for Success?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Could there really be a Yoga teacher who is struggling to find success in life? If every Yoga teacher training program taught the spiritual aspect of abundance, and the Law of Karma correctly, this should not ever happen. The abundance theory allows Yoga teachers, and anyone else who is interested, [...]

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