The Mystery of Jnana Yoga

The answers to most of our problems are within us. The true self is like an onion, with rough outer layers of personality, which the world sees. These outer layers make up our social mask and we have to be careful. There is no Yoga teacher certification for union by knowledge, but self-realization is a quest that can become a personal accomplishment for those who are willing to spend a lifetime of study, practice, and devotion.

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: Gifts to Give Your Yoga Students

Praise your students, when it is earned. Whenever a student tries his or her best, you should acknowledge the effort with praise. When you praise, you instill self-worth in your students. Self-worth is a must, for any person to find a valuable purpose in life.

The Purpose of Yoga: Spiritual Health

Hatha Yoga training sessions in the west, contain Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and others, practicing Yoga in harmony. Intolerance is put aside, and Yoga practitioners appreciate each other as equals. This is the way it should be. The path of intolerance is full of ignorance. Intolerance breeds hate and polarization. Who cares what religion your neighbor is? Especially, if he or she is responsible and has a moral code of conduct. While religious leaders are arguing over interpretations, the power within our governments is being undermined by those who would have our children believe in nothing.

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